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Our teachers are carefully selected, trained, and regularly evaluated. We support the professional development of our staff. We believe every child needs confident adults who can lead, guide and direct.

If you would like more information about GraceAChildUSA, please give us a call at one of our Facilities:

Christiansburg Location: 540-382-9591

Radford Location: 540-831-7223

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What we offer

  • -Flexible schedules
  • -Paid Holidays
  • -Paid vacation
  • -Personal days
  • -Childcare discount
  • -Competitive Pay
  • -Free training
  • -Medical, Dental and vision assistance
  • -Positive teamwork family environment

Our staff

The staff at each Grace-A-Child USA Academy is extremely dedicated to providing your child with the guidance and quality education they deserve. We cannot forget that they are young children and it is impossible to teach a child that does not feel safe and loved in their classroom. Our teachers create stimulating and nurturing environments fit for all children to excel in their early years of education.

We require our Teachers to undergo:

  • CPR and First Aid Certification
  • Completed Background Checks with Criminal History and Finger Print Search
  • 10 hour Virginia Pre-service Training
  • Child Abuse & Department of Social Services Training
  • Over 24 hours of classroom and development training annually
  • Food Handling Certification
  • Complete training over the Virginia State Child Care Minimum Standards
  • Minimum of Two years of classroom experience or CDEA/Early Childhood Education Degrees prior to joining Grace-A-Child USA Academy
  • A developed spiritual life
  • Attend a church regularly

“My experience with Graceachild began in 2011 when I applied as a teacher.  With nearly five years of experience working in child care,  I was hired as an infant room care giver.  Within a few months I was promoted to infant room coordinator which gave me my first experience managing a micro center.  

For my first five years, I had the responsibility for 12 infants and five staff.  Parents loved our infant room and their word of mouth ended with a long waiting list.  In 2016, we moved into our new facility with our new infant room specially designed for children under the age of 12 months.

As coordinator, I was now responsible for the Infant, Waddler, and Toddler rooms; a total of 43 children in the three rooms and the team that cared for the children.  Within our first six months, we were at capacity and remained there until COVID came in March of 2020.

In late September of 2020, Ms. Donna our founder, offered me the opportunity to direct the center. She said, “you are ready for this promotion!” and I stepped out in faith and into a new role.

Wow!  What an opportunity to have the ability for greater impact to all the children in our preschool! And to lead the entire team to produce exceptional early care and education.  What a huge blessing.

I believe my years in the classroom has given me a unique perspective as a director.  As a mom of two and with practical experience of working with babyroom parents where attention to details is essential, I know what parents want.  I understand how important it is for parents to feel informed and confident in the care their children are receiving.

My passion is to lead from a parent’s perspective.  My goal is to keep you fully informed and pay attention to the details so you will have confidence in my leadership.  We want everyone child in our program to understand that God loves them and that we do too!

With my team of teachers, I know how it feels to have trusted leadership and one you can depend on to take care of classroom issues immediately.  I strive to exercise that every day.

I know from direct experience our Lifeshapers (what we call our teachers) have every child’s best interest at heart, both educationally and emotionally. I am so proud of my team; they are flexible and adapt to any obstacles given to them during the pandemic.  Together we rejoice in their class’s achievements and comfort each other when feeling blue.

We are especially proud of our curriculum, it is one of a kind and allows the children to be taught in many different ways—hands on, literature, art, and dramatic play.  Ms. Brooke does an amazing job in its publication and the teachers enjoy using it.

Together, we have a vested interest in seeing our Academy thrive. Both of my children have attended Graceachild since they were babies. As a parent, I know how important it is to have both faith and trust in the person and place we choose for our childcare. Graceachild has both!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself and I look forward to meeting you personally when you enroll your child with the best preschool Academy in the New River Valley!

It is a privilege to be serving you and leading our preschool.” 

Amanda Weddle

Christiansburg Academy Director

“I recently read a quote, “GOD CREATED TEACHERS TO CHANGE THE WORLD”, Author unknown. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity and joy of teaching. Ive worked around children all my life, words will never express the true gratitude of knowing you are changing lives through teaching. I am thankful for the opportunity Grace A Child has given me to continue to teach on a daily basis whether it is in the classroom or through the position of  Director. Grace A Child strives to prepare children for great educational exploits by executing a daily curriculum and surrounding them with life shapers who have their best interest at heart.

Children are always curious and eager to learn and I’ve learned that children are some of the greatest teachers, with them any moment can turn into a teachable moment. At Grace A Child children are encouraged to learn through a variety of tools such as music, creativity, role play, and hands on activities. I often tell people we have one of the greatest jobs, everyday we have a blank canvas to do whatever we can imagine and touch lives at the same time.”
Eboni Joplin

Radford Academy Director

“It has and continues to be a pleasure to work for Grace-A-Child USA Academy. Since the beginning when my two children attended, I have watched this ministry blossom and expand.

Both facilities are beautiful and they are staffed with some of the most incredible caring people.

Our teachers come to us with experience and undergo training annually so children are always receiving the best possible education. Grace-A-Child creates a nurturing and stimulating environment where your child can feel comfortable and can easily engage in activities. Their enthusiasm about education will give your little ones a lifelong love of learning!”

Casey Roberts Gutierrez

Media & Communications Manager